Thursday, April 22, 2010

Travel Savings Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • Prices will stay low on common destinations, due to carrier competition.
  • Search sites that connect you to many other sites, such as,, and
  • You can save money buy buying a ticket directly from the airline's site.
  • Bring anything you will want for the flight to prevent yourself from paying for things you already have.
  • Keep you luggage within the airline's guidelines to avoid paying extra fees.
  • Look into online agents. Sites such as Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity may charge a small fee; however, they commit to helping you if something goes wrong with your travel plans.
  • Earn points through various programs to use towards awards at a later time.
Car Rental
  • Orbitz provides a fast car booking experience.
  • Understand what your personal insurance covers on a rental car. Consider paying with a Visa card, as all cars rented with this card will be covered.
  • Do a thorough examination of the car before taking it off the lot for dents. Photograph the car when you return it. This will provide proof of the condition the car was returned in.
  • Avoid pre-paying for gas through the rental office. This will cost you more than filling the car yourself, unless you return the car on "empty."
  • Enjoy renting an exciting car, such as the vehicles in Hertz's "Fun Collection."
  • Pay the full bill as early as possible. If you wait, you may incur extra charges, such as a fuel-related surcharge (up to $10 a day).
  • Check with a travel agent about repositioned ships. These have had to change their itineraries, usually due to weather, and therefore reduce their prices.
  • Make sure your trip is covered with cancellation insurance.
  • Hipper ships and low nightly rates can often be found at EasyCruise.
  • Calling a hotel at the last minute, or looking into or may allow you to access prices below the initial published rates.
  • Some hotel rooms, such as the Conrad London and select W Hotels, are coming equipped with am IPod docking station.
  • Amtrak offers a free companion fare for a parent and a child who is college-hunting. Visit
  • Carry the $3 Tide to Go stain remover pen to help stains disappear on the spot.
  • Join a travel club with will gain you access to free upgrades, spa visits, and luxury trips.
  • Research to learn about environmentally friendly trips.
  • offers a services where by affixing a sticker (from the company) to your items, the company with cover the cost of having your items returned you to.

Build a stronger business by using tips that make you and your budget go further.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let Go of Aggravations is a Way to Increase the Quality of Your Life and Business

You can easily improve your life by limiting the amount of useless purchases and aggravations you allow into your life. The following items are just a few that clutter up your life, with suggestions on how to limit them:
  • Calls from telemarketers - Gain back your time by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at (888-382-1222).
  • Antibacterial soap - Scientists have proven that antibacterial soap is no more effective than regular soap. A good, 20-30 second, lather with any soap is effective.
  • ATM fees - Search out places that do not charge you an ATM fee. For instance, Citibank does not charge its customers to use other back's ATMs, Wawa does not add a surcharge, and many grocery stores and drugstores do not change you to take out cash when you are using your debit card for a purchase.
What else can you eliminate to free up your time and energy? Make these decisions to build a stronger business.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Humor and Wit Have A Place in Building a Stronger Business

With the national landscape swiftly changing, even the "water cooler" discussions about the prior evening's television-viewing have heated up from rehashing season premieres or the weather to highly-contested political debates and controversial government bailouts. Rich Masters, a specialist in teaching people how to prepare for televised talk shows, has several suggestions for keeping a cool head during these possibly heated discussions.
  • "Zing it!" Have one or two "zingers" ready, quotes that can help you break the ice or clinch the conversation. Think like Jon Stewart...have something amusing and memorable to add to the discussion that supports your argument.
  • "Don't Squawk Alone" Having someone like-minded to "jump in" gives you a chance to collect your thoughts.
  • "Give in-- a little" Don't be afraid to concede a smaller point to win the larger argument. Besides being agreeable can throw your opponent off-guard as well.
  • "Stay Calm and Polite" As Masters explains "If you are smiling it will leave the person with a positive impression." And luckily they cannot hear your thoughts.

Remember injecting humor into a situation with a pithy saying or a witty retort, maintaining relationships with like-minded people, being willing to concede on the small stuff, and remembering to take conflict in stride will help you maintain relationships as you build a stronger business.