Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Resource: Travel Sites Worth Visiting

As summer approaches, travel plans need be made. When traveling for pleasure rather than for business, I have much more flexibility, and so I rely on reviews and advice from the travel community who post their experiences, for better and worse, on the web to share.

Here are several sites worth considering:
For flight info, check out FlightStats.com -- it's got every detail about real time flight status worldwide.

Travel blogs:
  • www.Airfarewatchdog.com
  • thetravelinsider.info/blogs/ti/
  • www.Flyertalk.com
  • www.Joesentme.com
  • www.aviationplanning.com
  • JohnyJet.com
  • www.hobotraveler.com
  • www.travelblog.org
  • www.gadling.com
  • www.onlinetravelreview.com

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