Monday, June 05, 2006

Trade Tricks

Developing contacts is essential to growing your business, but remembering them on sight is crucial to establishing a solid rapport.

Scott Hagwood, former USA National Memory Champion winner, shared his secret in The Wall Street Journal article, “The Tricks of The Trade”.

To ensure that he can remember the name of a new acquaintance, he repeats the name out loud, because hearing a name a second time greatly improves the chances of recall. When introduced to a large group, he pauses and reviews the names between introductions. He then attempts to make a personal remark to each new person so he can form a connection that will stick in his head.

Time permitting, he will chat with the new acquaintances and search for ways to compare them to people he knows well. He’ll examine bodily traits, personality traits, body language, eyes, and job titles.

Taking an interest in someone, says Hagwood, is the best way for people to remember each other

You can build a solid network of contacts if you make the effort to commit the people you meet to memory. It will help you expand your contacts and to build a stronger business.

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