Monday, July 10, 2006

Fly Through The Internet One Travel Blog at a Time

The increasingly travel savvy public, combined with blogging, has resulted in some informative blogspots that give travel journalists a run for their money. Joe Sharkey’s article, “Blowing the Horn for Other People’s Blogs,” in The New York Times highlights blogs that give users access to price comparisons between hundreds of airlines as well as specialist news for the airline industry, for business travelers and frequent flyers. So well-informed are some of these websites that some travel journalists refer to them frequently for contacts and leads.

Here are some of the links:
  • : allows user to search hundreds of airlines instantaneously for the best deals
  • : a blog that sells itself as “a place to save money, travel more comfortably and make better travel choices”;
  • : frequent flyer mileage programs
  • informed guide for business travelers complete with acerbic commentary and links;
  • : a consultancy offering research, forecasting and independent research;
  •; is a travel portal with a smorgasbord of options with sections such as travel health, weather links, specialty travel links for traveling with pets, travel for singles, as well as links to travel guides, magazines, theatres and restaurants;
  • it’s pretty much what it sounds like – traveling on the cheap;
  • : a wealth of personal travel accounts from journeys all around the world organized by continent and by country. Travel diaries, photography and blogs abound;
  • : You’ve heard of web portals, but this is a blog portal with links to blogs arranged by country and topics such as “worst places to be poor”;
  • : provides news on airline route updates and links to the airlines.

Some of the best websites or blogs are by people who saw a gap in the market and responded to it. By looking for areas where people are underserved, you can respond by providing much needed products and build a stronger business.

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