Monday, March 12, 2007

Optimizing Your Website

If you want to get a high ranking on search engines you’ve got to be crafty and employ every trick you’ve learned from others’ rule books.

David Lury advises FSB readers in his article “The Tech Skeptic: Head of the Class” to pay the nominal fee for getting a listing on websites such as Yahoo. He suggests designing a website with features that will appeal to search engines such as descriptive explanations of what your company does on the website. Engines will be more likely to pick up these descriptions when people use them in search terms.

Although there is plenty of frustrating inconsistencies with these engines but some of the new ones have improved the quality of returns. Inktomi, a search engine optimizer found on a variety of search engines such as MSN and work with websites to ensure the most relevant content gets listed where it should. Having a search engine on your own website is important for feeding back the data to the larger search engine pool.

By being savvy about how search engines and optimizers work, you can ensure more hits to your website and build a stronger business.

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