Thursday, August 23, 2007

Co-Working Improves Social and Business Lives of Employees Who Work from Home

Feeling socially isolated as a result of working from home, Alex Hillman, a 23 year old Web entrepreneur, was inspired to create a local version of the new trend, co-working.

Co-working allows people who work from home to reap the benefits of working in an office, like socializing and sharing ideas. Without the distractions of home, it also helps employees stay on track and separate work life and personal life.

The article, “A Step Up From Working in PJ’s”, in The Philadelphia Inquirer highlights the co-working group using a work space at Independents Hall in downtown Philadelphia. With a chic interior design, conference room and kitchen, employees are willing to spend $175 to $275 a month to use the space.

To learn more about co-working visit:

Independents Hall in Center City.

Workplayce in Elkins Park.

Decreasing isolation is an important step in building a stronger business.

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