Thursday, February 23, 2006

Facebook Brought to Us by Microsoft

Microsoft is getting into the social networking business in an exclusive advertising deal with Facebook, a student website developed from the Harvard University website, according to the article “Microsoft Nabs Facebook Deal in Reach for More Online Ads” from The Wall Street Journal.

Facebook is the second largest social networking website on the Internet after Newscorp website MySpace, according to market researcher Hitwise.

Microsoft no doubt views the move as a way to take its message to the next generation of customers who will soon be young, successful professionals with the money to buy the company’s latest technology. The social networking environment also lends itself to the free flow of messages. And Microsft probably hopes that its presence will generate plenty of chatter.

By tapping unconventional forums to market your products, you set your business apart. By turning a younger generation on to your products, you develop a foundation for future sales which can help you build a stronger business.

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