Thursday, February 23, 2006

Open Source ≠ Anonymous Source Wikipedia Shows

According to Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, predicts that the process used in Wikipedia in which entries are open to innumerous input and editing will overshadow the process used in Britannica, in which editors review a piece and an article is published. Stross also notes in "Anonymous Source Is Not the Same as Open Source" (The New York Times), that Mr. Wales is concerned about entrusting the "Wikipedian culture" on to new individuals. Wikipedia currently offers 923 "feature" articles which have been double checked and edited. However, only about one new article gains feature status per day. Mr. Wales would like to improve this by looking at open source software models. This would include the inclusion of many contributions and then a restrictive policy to prepare for release. According to Mr. Wales, Wikipedia has "'half the model.'"

On the other hand, though Wikipedia is far from Britannica, Jess Bates, a vice president of the Open Source Technology Group who oversees, the host of more than 80,000 active open-source projects, suggests that Wikipedia is still not an open source, since one individual takes responsibility of the informations, though many contribute.

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