Monday, March 13, 2006

Beware the Backlash

Word of mouth spreads fast, and on the Internet it can spread at lightening speed. While that
can be very helpful if you’re launching an interactive Internet advertising campaign, the pitfalls can be costly.

Reid Goldsborough’s article in The Philadelphia Inquirer, “Internet Rewrote Rules of Advertising,” highlights the interactive nature of some Internet advertising.

The article cites a marketing initiative by Sony Ericsson as an example of an Internet marketing strategy that backfired spectacularly and that continues to haunt the company years later.

Dave Evans, co-founder of Austin-based marketing technology company Digital Voodoo, , advises companies to go out of their way to be open about the products they are pushing, why consumers should buy into them and what they stand to gain.

The Internet may offer sophisticated, cutting edge possibilities, but conventional business tenets still apply. By being open with your customers and selling real benefits you can build a stronger business.

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