Thursday, March 02, 2006

Things to Do: Reduce Stress

Sometimes the most valuable tips are the most obvious ones.

According to James T Machia, author of A Short Guide to Life, you can reduce your stress if you can remember what you have to do. Write down your responsibilities include schedules for projects, dates and meetings. Always keep a pen and notepad within reach. One you accomplish your tasks, scratch them off your list

Don’t procrastinate! Sure you may be straightening out your desk or finally getting around to organizing that filing cabinet, but don’t you have something more important to do? Like your work?

In his book Getting it Done, Andrew J DuBrin, professor of management at the Rochester Institute of Technology College of Business, advises readers how to avoid getting mired in the swamp of procrastination.

Don’t occupy yourself with busywork if you’re simply avoiding doing a more stressful, time-sensitive project.

Don’t let yourself get distracted. Sit down and outline specific goals.

Don’t while away your time hoping a situation resolves itself. Have a plan of action to accomplish your goals and you will build a stronger business.

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