Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to Scare Up Attention

Ghoulish stories, ghost hunters and amusements are some of the pickings of Halloween websites catering to the not so niche market of people who want to be freaked out.

A website for self proclaimed ghost hunters, reveals the proof of ghost sightings and includes an introduction to the subject through a link to South Jersey Ghost Research’s website called Ghost Hunting 101.

Reviews of horror movies and books, interviews with film makers and authors are the focus of website . This website also offers a link to horror interviewer “The Gravedigger.”

There is a website that tackles almost every aspect of the horror industry in a collection of links to the supernatural. One website offers users theatrical contact lenses. A website that caters to the vampire obsessed – Bite Me magazine.

If you have a specialized audience, you can use the Internet to bring would-be customers together and you’ll build a stronger business.

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