Saturday, January 22, 2005

Cap It So You Can Keep It

The EPA's report released a few days ago confirmed previous tests that airline drinking water did not meet the agency's safety standards.

Obvious implication: when you fly, bring your own bottled water; or, request bottled or canned beverages on board, because even tea or coffee can contain the "compromised" water.

Now, here's the part that really makes my turbines spin: From Q3 2004 testing period to the Q4 2004 testing period, coliform bacteria was found on MORE planes, not fewer. In September, it was found in 13% of the planes in the sample, in December, it rose to 17%. That's approaching almost 1 in 5 planes ...and this reading takes place 3 months after warnings were issued!

OK, the airlines are getting an undue share of the public's attention and criticism (so many of us are concerned!). Perhaps we can't make changes to airline operations and stocking procedures. However, let's take a quick check in our own back yard.

What's one small, simple-to-correct flaw, mistake, or weakness in your business that you've been tolerating even in the face of client (or, gasp, government regulatory) feedback?

Three words of advice from this business leadership coach: fix it now.

Cap your water when you travel so you can keep your lunch; cap these energy leaks in your business so you can keep it healthy and growing.

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