Sunday, January 09, 2005

Parables and elevator speeches make valuable feature articles

Since I spent a few days with like-minded entrepreneurs in December, it seems like I'm tuned it to parables and elevator speeches more so than ever before.

The latest example greeted me in the Sunday New York Times, where a man was written up for starting his own butler services al a carte business.

He immigrated to the US via Canada from India to marry his wife, who his parents would not approve of. His wife died, unfortunately, and he struggled as a single parent. Out of that pain, he realized that others must have a need for help with personal organization, walking pets, preparing meals, and other general errands and administrative stuff (think of PA's, not VA's!).

It's a great story and fits the model I teach and coach entrepreneurs to use.

Here's the link, in case you're interested:

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I'd be interested in examples of parables and elevator speeches that
you come across in your travels/reading.

By the way, the fellow in the article is admittedly lousy at marketing, but having his business written up in the Sunday Times just might turn that around.

Hint, hint: Do you have "sharing your parable with a magazine/newspaper journalist" as one of your 90 day business development goals?

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