Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Free Up Your Time by Eliminating the Negative

You can easily improve your life by limiting the amount of useless purchases and aggravations you allow into your life. The following items are just a few that clutter up your life, with suggestions on how to limit them:

  • Calls from telemarketers - Gain back your time by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at donotcall.gov (888-382-1222).
  • Antibacterial soap - Scientists have proven that antibacterial soap is no more effective than regular soap. A good, 20-30 second lather with any soap is effective.
  • ATM fees - Search out places that do not charge you an ATM fee. For instance, Citibank does not charge its customers to use other back's ATMs, Wawa does not add a surcharge, and many grocery stores and drugstores do not change you to take out cash when you are using your debit card for a purchase.

What else can you eliminate to free up your time and energy? Make these decisions to build a stronger business.

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