Friday, January 20, 2006

This is How to Give Customers Choices!

We live in an age of choices. Nothing could be more obvious when we're spending our money, so why is it that business marketerss forget so quickly when they're asking people to part with their own money?

Here's a powerful reminder of how a commodity product distiguishes itself through providing control (i.e. choices) to it's customers:

When a company like Dave's Insanity can go to the trouble to provide an adjustable intensity hot sauce to its customers, it shames business owners who don't take the time or trouble to apply their creativity to such products and services.

With a simple twist of the black dispenser, you can twist in one direction for a greater proportion of mild sauce for nachos or dial up the heat for your deadly chicken wings sauce.

Remember, innovation doesn't have to be complicated to be successful!

If you've got an example, do share via the comments section.

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