Monday, November 06, 2006

Mind Over Money Goes Further

Money. Sure it provides you with merchandise, keeps a roof over your head, puts food on your table and keeps the tax man away. But the real incentives are things we reward ourselves with for good work. Travel or a piece of furniture has a trophy value in a way that cash on its own does not possess.

A reward in the form of a vacation to a tropical paradise can offer mind share – a psychological boost and improved attitude.

Staci Fleecer, a marketing team group leader with ITA Group, says timing is an important consideration to generate mind share from your initiatives. If the goal is to educate, gain mind share or change attitudes, motivation or behavior, it can be more effective to reinforce those efforts over a long period of time such as between six to 12 months.

Often a psychological pay-off can be more effective than money when you are working to build a stronger business.

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