Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pick Well When You’ll be in Tight Quarters

Extreme work environments call for a rigorous vetting system. No matter how much enthusiasm people might have for, say, working on a submarine, they may not be suited for it. But after the submarine has left port and after it descends several thousand leagues below the surface, it’s too late to make those conclusions; pre-testing is a must.

When the United States Navy fills the ranks of its submarine crews, it depends on detailed psychological screening for its officers and enlisted men to determine who is the most vulnerable and place them in a position better suited to their abilities.

An intimidating 250-question evaluation is administered and from this, 27 aspects of mental fitness are evaluated and compared with previously tested students. The screening is designed to weed out the obvious – people with claustrophobia, as well as those vulnerable to depression, isolation, anxiety, depression, aggression and suicidal thoughts.

If you take the time to properly screen your employees, you can filter out ones who don’t match your expectations or work environment and you’ll build a stronger business.

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