Monday, December 18, 2006

Weak Links in Your Chain?

You can be one of the best companies around, but one of the best ways to distinguish yourself is how you handle complaints as revealed in The New York Times article “You Got Served,” from the What’s Online section.

So many companies get it wrong, particularly large companies. There are just so many layers of bureaucracy that individuals can get lost in the shuffle.

Look at Dell. They are a large, profitable company. Yet Pat Dori of Hackensack, NJ could not get the corporation to fix her broken laptop. So she sued. But instead of filing the suit with corporate headquarters in Plano, TX, she filed the court papers with a Dell shopping mall kiosk.

“Quite unsurprisingly, no one from Dell turned up in court on the stipulated date,” wrote Conrad Quilty-Harper on a personal technology blog. Dori took home $3,000 for a default judgment It can be difficult for customers to find their way around a large, unwieldy company, especially if they want to file a complaint.

If you want to build a stronger business, always address your customer complaints, no matter how large or small they may be.

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