Monday, December 18, 2006

What Does It Say When the Boss Yearns for Competitors Products?

The New York Times article “The Power of Heresy,” from the What’s Online section reveals that leaked emails may be embarrassing, but they offer a revealing glimpse of a company executive’s mindset.

When Microsoft Windows Development Chief Jim Allchin opined in 2004 in a message to Microsoft Windows chief exec Steven Ballmer and chairman Bill Gates that he would buy an Apple if he didn’t work for Microsoft, it was no exception.

“In my view we’ve lost our way,” decried Allchin.

Almost three years after his email was leaked, Allchin acknowledged that his dramatic email message was intended to raise the alarm that things must change or else the future will be grim. It attempts to jerk the upper management awake by acknowledging it can no longer afford to stick to the script of the status quo.

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the competition, it’s your own product that should be your primary focus. It bares thinking about as you work to build a stronger business.

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