Monday, January 01, 2007

Microbusinesses Thrive Under Flexible Business Models

Microbusinesses enjoyed a milestone and a little affirmation this year, according to the article, “Wanted: Nobody” from USA Today. There are now 20 million microbusinesses in the US; that’s one for every six private sector workers.

The micro-revolution offers self starters a chance to channel their interests and create an ensemble cast of specialists similar to a Hollywood film.

“They come together, do the work, and then disperse,” says Terri Lonier of Working Solo, which advises self employed professionals and the companies that work with them.

The fact of the matter is, as hard as entrepreneurs may strive to keep their staff sizes small, it’s inevitable that success will force them to outsource work to avoid getting bogged down in scut work that prevents them from building their businesses further.

Here again, the Internet provides a handy tool. Microbusinesses can track down specialists on the Internet on dedicated websites and find people whose talents and work schedules fit in with your own. With your talent pool only limited by the reach of the web you can build a stronger business one click at a time.

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