Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Program to Help You Grow

Small businesses and would-be entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Networking, insight and free information can make the difference between success and failure. Small Business Development Centers are a national network of offices providing a resource to stimulate the growth and development of small businesses.

There are 1,100 locations across the country, including co-sponsors, like colleges and universities, as well as satellite and outreach offices.

Established in 1980 to spur job growth, the Small Business Development Center Program is a national effort financed by the federal Small Business Administration that offers businesses free planning, management and technical assistance. But generating publicity for the centers continues to be a major obstacle to their success.

Information about the center can be accessed through the Small Business Administration at 1-800-827-5722.

If you make the best use of the resources available to you, you’ll build a stronger business.

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