Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cellphone "Accidental" Dialings

In The Wall Street Journal article, "When You're Cellphone Goes Behind Your Back to Redial Your Office", Jared Sandberg reveals the phenomena many cell phone users have unfortunately fallen victim to: accidental dialing.

From receiving 15 minute voicemails of dog-walking to undetected eavesdropping on private conversations, accidental phone calls have become a big problem.

It has become such a normal activity that the FCC has had to warn the public about accidentally dialing 911.

Despite the implementation of key guards, which can lock and unlock dialing pads on cell phones, it still remains a problem for many.

You've got to maintain standards of accountability for your personal behavior when you're building a stronger business. Spend more time learning to use the phone effectively rather than coming up with excuses for "what it did to you"

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