Thursday, June 14, 2007

Decreasing PC Power Usage Saves Billions

According to The Wall Street Journal article, “Computer Power Waste Targeted”, PCs waste half the power they consume and account for 2% of world-wide energy usage. Meeting an annual target led by Google Inc. and Intel Corp. to reduce energy consumption, could save more than $5.5 billion in annual energy costs and decrease 54 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The initial guidelines set by the EPA’s Energy Star program, raise PC efficiencies from an estimated 65% to 80%. The new initiatives seek to raise efficiency to 90% by 2010.

The plan also involves getting companies to use power-management software on their PCs that would put inactive desktop computers into sleep mode to save energy.

While the cost for energy-saving software would add $20 to $30 more on a PC and server, it could save the user $10 from $40 on an annual electric bill.

When you take steps to protect your environment you build a stronger business.

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