Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wired and Xerox Update Their Images

The first 5,000 Wired Magazine subscribers to upload their photos to, received a July issue with their face on the cover. The editorial theme for the issue was the growth of online personalization.

The New York Times article, "You, Too, Can Grace a National Magazine's Cover", discusses Wired magazine's partnership with Xerox to personalize their cover. While they did not make any money from the promotion, it also didn't cost much. The main goal for both Wired and Xerox was to update their images.

By partnering with the edgier Wired, Xerox hopes to discard its stereotypical image as a single copy machine and showcase itself as an innovator and technology leader.

With its young and forward-thinking audience, Wired believes their promotion will be successful. They have also printed personalized copies for television celebrities who could mention it on their shows.

Build a stronger business and keep your image fresh in the minds of your target audience. Wired and Xerox did to a good effect for a modest investment.

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