Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Multitasking While on the Move

Hand held devices like Blackberrys, Palm Pilots and SmartPhones are currently being used by an estimated 50 million workers in the U.S., who spend more than 25% of their time outside of the office.

According to the article, "Doing More on the Go", in The Wall Street Journal, such hand held devices allow workers to perform a variety of tasks, including checking and updating client lists, timesheets and daily tasks, accessing records and monitoring inventory.

Since small and mid-sized companies are more likely to invest in and use the technology, Wireless and technology companies like Sprint Nextel Corp. and Microsoft have found a place to focus their efforts.

Keep up with the tools that can help you stay in touch when your schedule demands that you're on the go. Building a stronger business often requires it of you and your staff.

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